Organic A3™ Lactose Free Skim Milk Powder

Low in fat and a rich source of high-quality protein (A1 beta casein-free), vitamins and minerals. Organic Skim Milk Powder is naturally nutrient dense and able to deliver a range of health and nutrition propositions for anyone over 3 years of age. This product is specifically designed for people with lactose intolerance or those who follow a low FODMAP diet.

Lovingly Made in New Zealand!


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Grass-Fed, GMO Free, USDA/NOP Organic certified cow’s milk.

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We're not the only ones who love Ours Truly.

“I use Ours Truly’s Lactose Free milk powder in my morning smoothies and love that I don’t have any issues with digestion or skin reactions.”
Brodee – Waikato, NZ.

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