Farm to Shelf

Ours Truly cows are happy, healthy and well-looked-after through sustainable and regenerative farming. These practices mean our milk has a 'feel good factor' - it’s totally free of any nasty chemicals and pesticides.

Our Farming Promise

From cow to consumer, we can trace every bottle of milk from Ours Truly farms.


Sharing our love for creating tasty organic dairy products with kiwis – and beyond!


Our products are produced by leading manufacturers who ensure the highest levels of compliance and transparent traceability, so you know exactly where they are coming from.


Our products are free from pesticides, antibiotics, genetic modifications, chemical fertiliser and growth hormones. Our cows are independently certified as Grass Fed.

Regenerative Farming

Ours Truly milk comes only from dairy farms who undertake regenerative farming practices
– good for cows, good for people, good for the environment.

The way our farmers’ undertake these practices ensures that the land is not tilled, therefore reducing carbon emissions and reversing the global trend of climate change. This also means the soil on our farms is more nutrient dense – healthier for cows and other animals that graze on it and, in turn, producing wholesome milk for Ours Truly organic dairy products.

Sustainable packaging

Our milk bottle, lid and label are totally recyclable. No adhesive, no stickers to remove – just easy and simple packaging so we all can look after our environment. Ours Truly strives for recyclable packaging in every product we bring to you.